School Uniform

We here in Skerries Community College take great pride in our School Uniform and we expect all our students to be in full school uniform at all times. It is important for students to meet the uniform standards as this contributes to the settling down for lessons, learning to have high standards for themselves and also prepare for professional life.

scc+jumprt.png SCC+shirt.png scc+skirt.png SCC+trousers+boys+slim.png

Our school uniform consists of the above items. A navy jumper, navy trousers and a white shirt. Girls have the choice of wearing either the school skirt or the school navy trousers (both pictured above). There are no substitutions. All the above items can be accessed online via Phillans Boutique here.

SCC+soft+shell+jacket.png SCC+school+jacket.png

Above are the two school jackets accepted as part of Skerries Community College uniform.
No substitute jackets are acceptable.

School Shoes


All black shoes including sole are accepted as part of the school uniform. No substitutes are accepted.
Examples of these are pictured here.

School Hoodie


We thank our Student Council for responding to the needs of our school during the pandemic. The school hoodie can be now be worn during PE time.
This hoodie is not a substitute for the school jumper shown above.

PE Uniform 1st/2nd Years 2023-2024

The Half Zip/Round Neck* jumper and bottoms are the only required purchases. A white T-Shirt or Polo shirt under this jumper is sufficient.


Prices are as follows:
  • Half Zip/Jumper - Adult €35 and Youth €29
  • Bottoms-Adult €24 and Youth €20

Playr-Fit, the manufacturer, has other SCC merchandise available such as jerseys, socks and shorts. A pack costing €75 (Adult) and €65 (Youth) will have these pieces included however these are not mandatory.

*School hoodie can be substituted for this. School hoodie is not a replacement for the school jumper and should only be worn on school PE days or as an additional layer over school jumper.

Order PE Uniform here

PE Uniform Size Guide here

PE Uniform- 3rd-6th Years (2023-2024)

As many of you know, COVID 19 brought many constraints on our resources and during this period, we had no access to our school changing rooms. From August 2024, this is not the case.

All students must be in full uniform each day (1st & 2nd years have a PE uniform and are permitted to wear this on their PE days.)

FOR PE (3rd- 6th Years 2023-2024)

Students are required to wear a white poloshirt and loose navy or black tracksuit bottoms. We discourage the display of brand names and ask parents to be mindful when choosing items for their son/daughter’s PE Uniform.

Acceptable footwear/runners required which provides support in all aspects of sport and/or conditions. Converse/ Vans or similar styles do not provide this and therefore are not acceptable.

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