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Skerries Community College uses the resources provided by the DDLETB and the Department of Education & Skills to make reasonable provision and accommodation for students with a range of learning difficulties in an inclusive environment.

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Students with additional needs are included into mainstream classes and withdrawn, for both short term and long term interventions, by our Learning Support team.

The Role of the Learning Support Department

The role of the Learning Support Department is to provide proficient and responsive Support, which keeps up-to-date with changes in curriculum, syllabi, teaching and support methods. In line with the continuum of support, we assist students to function as independent, autonomous learners with a clear commitment to the principles of equal opportunity for all.

Learning Support Department LINK Teachers

The Learning Support department co-Ordinator has oversight of all matters regarding the day-to-day management of all aspects of special educational needs policy and provision and for leading the Learning Support Team.

  • Each year group has a link teacher who is responsible for:
  • Linking in with students who have been referred by class teachers, parents and/or management;
  • Establishing SMART targets, assessing and reviewing the students' support plans for their year group;
  • Liaising with and advising fellow teachers;
  • Make applications for RACE;
  • Meeting with outside agencies and/or parents of students with Additional Support Needs.
SCC Link Teachers
Is your son or daughter coming to our school?
In making provision for students with additional needs, the required information should be included with any application to the College.

Has the student had access to any of the following?

  • Special Needs Assistant
  • Small classes
  • Help, for specific needs, from a resource teacher
  • Assistance with behaviour modification
  • Professional Reports (If available)
  • Any additional resources, for example Assistive Technology
  • Help in areas including visual impairment, hearing impairment, general learning disability or emotional disturbance
  • Any resource in relation to travel or mobility
  • Any additional classes in English as an Additional Language
  • Special Arrangement when sitting State Examinations

The Department of Education & Skills may grant reasonable accommodations to students with learning difficulties (RACE). Each application is assessed on an individual basis. The Learning Support Department is responsible for the submission of these applications to the Department on behalf of parents/guardians.

  • RACE accommodations can include:
  • Use of a reader
  • Use of a scribe.
  • Candidates may be permitted to record their answers on tape recorder or word processor.
  • Candidates may qualify for an exemption from spellings and grammatical components in language subjects.
Useful Links

Remote Teaching and Learning, support for Parents and Teachers, please click here

Microsoft Office 365- Assistive Technologies

  • Overview: Accessibility

  • Special Education and Accessibility Resources for Remote learning please click here

Immersive Reader is a free tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading for people regardless of their age or ability.

Demo Video:

  • What is the Immersive Reader? Please click here to watch video

  • How to use Immersive User in Microsoft Teams , please click here to watch video (Included in Students' Microsoft 365 school account)

Dictationlets you use speech-to-text to author content in Office with a microphone and reliable internet connection. Use your voice to quickly create documents, emails, notes, presentations, or even slide notes.

Demo Videos: Use Dictate in the Classroom

(Included in Students' Microsoft 365 school account)

Microsoft Office Lens is effectively a portable scanner in your pocket, allowing you to capture pictures of whiteboards, documents, and receipts to save and edit them digitally. It also allows a text to be converted into an immersive reader document.

Demo Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT7aSnZuK6o

(Free app on Android and iOS devices)

Microsoft Translator is a free, personal translation app for more than 70 languages, to translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos and screenshots.

Demo Videos,please click here (Free app on Android and iOS devices)

Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and master what you’re learning. Create your own flashcards and study sets or choose from millions created by other students — it’s up to you. How to Use Quizlet (Free app on Android and iOS devices)

NCSE have Resource Booklets to help Parents with young people with additional needs at home.

Self-Regulation Tools
  • Relaxtion Techniques for Children here
  • PDST Health & Wellbeing Relaxation and Self-Regulation Tools here

More Information on Distance Learning here

Information for Parents on Transitioning from Primary to Post Primary here

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