Other Activities

Ballygall Project
For many years now the Sixth Year Religious Education Programme has run the Ballygall Project which explores such issues as Addictions, Cults, AIDS, Mental Health, Minority Groups etc. Students are addressed each week by guest speakers representing the various groups.

Annual European Tour
The College has a tradition of running a European tour each year. This is a large, highly organised educational tour for junior students. Approximately 100 students travel on this tour each year.

Prefects and Mentors
Prefects and Mentors take part in leadership training each year. Prefects also visit the Panto and take part in an Activity Weekend in Carlingford

Sponsored Walk
Each year the College organises a Sponsored Walk to help with the cost of transport for extra-curricular activities.

Subject Outings
Various subject departments organise outings which are relevant to the learning of a particular subject. Frequent visits are organised to the Dáil, Kilmainham Gaol, plays relevant to the English course, Croke Park Museum, the Mosque, foreign language films etc. etc.

Days of Reflection/Retreats
Days of Reflection / Retreats held for classes during the year.

Young Scientist and Scifest
Each year we have students entered in both the Young Scientist and Scifest. We have had many successes in these competitions over the years.

Debating and Public Speaking
Students take part in Debating and Public Speaking competitions regularly.