Student Supports

The College is always concerned with the all-round development of all our pupils and has a comprehensive Pastoral Care system.  Through this organised programme we aim to develop each pupil’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image, to prepare then to take their place in the complex society in which we live today. 

The following is a brief outline of student support;

Class Tutors:

Each class has a Class Tutor who cares for the pupils in that class by taking a personal interest in the progress and well-being of each pupil in the group.  One class period is timetabled each week so that the Tutor may have an opportunity to maintain this personal contact.  This class period is also used by the Tutor to follow the SPHE Programme.

Year Heads:

Each Year Group is assigned a Year Head who monitors the conduct and academic progress of each pupil in their group.  They encourage pupils to take a pride in their behaviour, their work and their appearance.  Year Heads provide an important link between home and school in all matters concerning the pupil’s welfare.


The Deans are concerned with behaviour and discipline and seek to develop the moral and social character of pupils in positive ways.  The Deans work closely with the Year Heads and the Counsellor with regard to all aspects of discipline.


Our Counsellor is available for pupils who are experiencing personal difficulties in their life.  She provides a confidential and listening ear to any pupil or parent who wishes to consult her.


The School Chaplain works closely with all members of the school staff as part of the overall Pastoral care offered by the College and provides opportunities for the spiritual development of all pupils, accompanying each person on their faith journey.


Our Prefects are Sixth Year pupils who take on a leadership role within the school. They are encouraged to promote school spirit, positive attitudes, good behaviour and loyalty among the pupils.  They work as a team to support all school activities.  The Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen from the Prefects.  Prefects meet the Principal regularly and are given training to develop their self-confidence, team spirit and sense of responsibility.


Fourth, Fifth and Sixth year students are invited to become Mentors to incoming First Year classes.  Each senior pupil allocated a small group of first Year pupils to ease the process of transition from Primary to Secondary school.  They meet the younger pupils at break-times, visit their classes and are encouraged to take on the role of a trusted older brother or sister.  Prospective Mentors are interviewed and receive training to equip them for their duties.